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Batch Image Enhancer 5.6

Batch image editor with endless photo manipulation and enhancement capabilities
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Batch Image Enhancer is an image editing tool developed by BinaryMark. It is a powerful tool for photographers and casual graphic designers who are looking for an affordable alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Along with being able to resize, rotate, and crop images, Batch Image Enhancer also has advanced features like watermarks, face-detection algorithms, and the layer support. Its most distinctive feature is the ability to process multiple images in a single operation.

Batch Image Enhancer has endless photo manipulation and enhancement capabilities, which make it a worthy rival to high-end editing software. You can adjust color, lightness, and saturation levels; sharpen and blur portions of the photo; and work with a variety of different plugins that give the image specific artistic effects. The program also works with a number of different file types, from the common BMP, JPEG, and GIF, to less commonly used files like HDR, PNM, and TGA.

Images can be processed in three ways using this program. Apart from the possibility of editing images manually, BIE includes an Automatic/Background mode which works by monitoring selected folders for images that match a certain criteria. The Scheduled/Triggered Mode, on the other hand, lets users program processing tasks at a certain day/time or whenever a specified event occurs.

The versatility and capabilities of Batch Image Enhancer make it a good program for an amateur designer or someone who is looking to learn the basics of photo manipulation. However, its main drawback is the user interface. Batch Image Enhancer’s design layout is overwhelming and cluttered, making it much harder to navigate than more popular photo editing programs. This makes it especially difficult to work with more than one image at a time. For this reason, the program could be especially challenging for users with little experience in photo editing.

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  • Powerful batch image editor
  • Lots of photo manipulation and enhancement capabilities
  • Wide format support
  • Includes Automatic and Scheduled modes


  • GUI is overwhelming and cluttered
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