Batch Image Enhancer

Batch Image Enhancer 3.5

Batch image editor with endless photo manipulation and enhancement capabilities
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Batch Image Enhancer is the ideal image enhancing tool with capable features to; adjust, edit and save your digital images.
With the power and capabilities of this image enhancement tool you can easily: adjust, edit, convert, and apply various effects to your batch images. This wizard tool can easily handle images in common formats that includes: jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif, or wmf formats. Other than that, this application is featured with high speed and image manipulation tools which help to: adjust brightness, contrast and saturation; change color tint and temperature, convert to sepia tone or gray scale, auto adjust white balance and remove noise, apply sharpen filters, apply creative effects, enhance images directly from Windows, rename image files, preview results, and multi-core CPU support.

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